Meet Liz MacDonald

Liz is an interior designer who loves to teach people how to decorate their homes in a fun and budget friendly way.

Liz MacDonald

In her series Shelf Help, Liz shares interior design tips, home design projects, and help on defining your home’s style.

Have an idea for an episode? Need help with a room? Send her an email or message her on Facebook.


The Smith House

From a blank canvas to a work of art!

The Smiths are a lovely family of 4. Mom, Dad and twin 7 year old girls. They have a beautiful new build home in the Philadelphia suburbs and were looking to transform their unused front rooms into sought after spaces! ShelfHelp came in to bring the rooms to life with neutral tones in the dining room and bold pops of color and the comfiest rug in the world in the sitting room!

The BIG Bookcase

Everything has its place!

When you have 4 kids life can get crazy quickly.  Our homeowner was looking to restore order to her bookcase that had become the home's catchall for not only books, but everyone's "I don't know what to do with this" items.  Talk about ShelfHelp :) With $250 in decor and storage, we were able to transform the book case from mess to yess in 4 hours.

Cozy Coastal Chic

We were on a mission to add a cozy coastal vibe to a room that just wasn't working for our homeowner.

When you own several restaurants in the suburbs of Philadelphia, you need a cozy place to rest on your limited downtime.  Our homeowner wasn't feeling relaxed in her space. ShelfHelp came in to bring her the coastal vibes she was dreaming of!

The Martinez Playroom

Goal: Design a space to keep twin 7 year old boys entertained

The Martinez family is VERY busy with twin 7 year old boys.  They love to play, imagine and create.  Our goal was to transform their empty basement into the type of room that every 7 year old dreams of while also giving mom and dad a place to play too!