ShelfHelp Consult

During a consult, you and Liz will walk through your home to learn what is and isn't working for you. If you are looking to paint, she will come armed with her favorite tried and true colors that will keep you home on trend and classic, all at the same time. She will advise on decor selection, furniture placement and will help you go through your existing items to decided what should stay and what should go.  Don't be surprised if you end up moving furniture and shifting decor from one room to another. The goal during this time will be to get you as far as you can get with your existing pieces.

Quick Change Room Make Over

Need new accessories, a rug or smaller furniture? Then a Quick Change Room Make Over is the perfect remedy. During this two hour session, Lizwill come to your house for 30 minutes to assess your shopping needs. From there we will take a ride over to HomeGoods to shop for an hour.  Once we have everything we need, we will head back to you home for another 30 minutes to set everything up.  This is a fun fast paced way to make those changes you've been thinking about for ages!

Shopping Trip & Hands On Design

If you don't have time to shop for your home, no problem! After your consult, Liz will head to all of the stores for you, pick out all the right items and then load your room in with all the style! She may even make a Shelf Help video of your transformation!

3D Digital Rendering

Have you ever dreamed of seeing your space through new eyes just like the homeowners on all the HGTV shows get to do? Then you are in luck! Liz will measure your room and then create your dream room in 3D. Get ready to feel kinda famous!

Digital Buying Guide

Not ready to jump head first into a room redesign? Liz can create a quick digital buying guide for a few new pieces to spruce up your space.